Friday, January 19, 2018

Project Runway All Stars s6e03
Perfect Pairings  18 January 2018 

Last time on PRAS the designers created distressed looks,

whether by bleach, slicing & dicing, burning or painting.

Not one of the models bled out of her mouth like

Sharon Needles did on the RPDR apocalyptic challenge of 2012.

Anthony won the challenge.

Kelly (of all people!) was eliminated, placing 15th for the season.
I mean of all people, in that, before the season started,

I assumed that she would go VERY far.   But, after seeing
her outfit for the challenge, I understand and support her axe.

The fourteen remaining designers head out to NYC restaurant Daniel where they sit in pairs, and learn of their new challenge:

Everyone online sure made fun of Alyssa's outfit, and rightly so.   Why is she in an Empire waist?   What's with the pleated napkin thrown over her left boob?    I will say this, she sure looks like she is drowning in that atrocity.  Super tall RuPaul would be swimming in it.  Hell, Stacy Layne Mathews and Darienne Lake together would seem like they were swimming in it.

Well, no, the challenge is for each duo to create a look inspired by the entree, and another by the accompanying wine.   Ah, yes, the outfits must look like they relate, somehow.

Anthony got Lamb Chop.    Wait, what?

It’s a one day challenge, of course, and they have $200 at Mood.

“Kim!”  “Anthony!”
“Keeeiiiihhmm!’   “Anthony!”
“KAY—IHM !!!!”

Don’t you wanna go grocery shopping with Anthony now?   Wegmans?   King Kullen?   Aldi?

When mentor Anne Fulenwider blows by, she tells Anthony & Kimberly to think about how their tops will relate to each other.

My question:   Is Kimberly being inspired by Merline?

She calls Ari’s idea to cover the lady bits with trim ‘dangerous.’  Anne loves Melissa’s fabric, then calls it “Florida pants suit.”   Curious.

She approves of the color story for Stanley & Char.

Helen doesn’t have anything on the dress form.   Huh?

Helen gives us the only tongue for the episode.

For a 3rd week, Amanda is shot down for trying to be safe.   Wow.

She tells Ken & Fabio to amp it up, but they’re on the right path.

Merline is inspired to go architectural.   Anne reminds them that color alone does not equal complimentary.

She reminds them to all push each other to greatness, and she means it, employing the power prayer stance.   Her top is reminding me of a rug my mom had in the basement in the mid 1980s.   That can't be a *good* reference, can it?

"This is the power prayer stance when you want things to happen.
Or a tampon & a vagina." 
(More tongue!)  "How do I save this?

One hour left and Melissa scraps her look.
How wise can that be?

Joining Alyssa, Georgina & Isaac is Whoopi Goldberg.

No one mentions the 1993 Academy Awards dress.   

Edmond & Helen
Amanda & Joshua

Ari & Melissa

Fabio & Ken

Candice & Merline

Char & Stanley

Anthony & Kimberly

Alyssa calls out Joshua, Amanda, Char, Stanley, Edmond and Helen as the middle safe and kicks them off stage.

Georgina thinks Kimberly’s look is a little bit frumpy.   Isaac & Whoopi note that they could wear it.   Anthony assures Isaac that he does grasp that he did a great job this week.   Whoopi talks a lot about being on the red carpet, but there is no pay off.   We all know that she is, at the very least, entertainment business savvy.   I suspect Bunim/Murray did some heavy editing.

Merline’s execution is called into question, but not her design/vision.  Isaac doesn’t see their food inspiration at all.  Candice’s pants hem is unacceptable.

Georgina can’t find the connection between Ari & Melissa’s looks.  Alyssa doesn’t like the sleeves, but Melissa comes up with a fix immediately.   Isaac wishes the front of Ari’s was plain white.

The judges agree that Ken & Fabio’s work does indeed go together.   Whoopi praises them for outfits that people will want to wear.   Georgina doesn’t like Ken’s back slit.  Alyssa is highly complimentary.

Fabio & Ken win, plus they win an evening at Daniel, the NYC restaurant.

Anthony & Kimberly are the 2nd highest team.

Candice & Merline are scolded, but they are in.

That means Ari & Melissa are sent packing.

Next week:  Unconventional materials!   A castle!   

Princess Candice is banished from the kingdom.

And Helen throws a tantrum.   Fabio probably sticks his tongue out at her.