Friday, September 22, 2017

Project Runway s16e06  Models Off Duty & The Twins Are Still Here  21 September 2017

Last time on Project Runway the designers
created good and evil evening wear,
inspired by some Disney movie.

Brandon won the challenge.

Aaron was eliminated for his last minute streamer car wash look.

After some runway nonsense involving Heidi’s upper frontals, the eleven remaining designers meet up with Tim and the models at some NYC rooftop.   They've been playing "Drunk Selfies."

It’s booze for brunch!

Nice sky.

The challenge this week is to design an outfit for the models (meaning the model is the client) that they could wear out & about, but be interesting enough for social media, and yet suddenly go to a party or an audition.    And, no covering up the breasts, if you wanna channel Heidi.   So, elevated, not a sweatshirt and shorts.

“Nobody asked you.”

Well, you know the drill, they caucus & sketch, then get $200 at Mood and one day to fabricate.  Oh, and the models pick the designers.    This is the first time that they aren’t switching it up, so some of them have worked with each other before.

“It’s hard when I have to help someone else.”

Ugh, then stop helping Shawn.  

Margarita keeps going on about how her model picked her, they could be besties out in the real world.

“Who knew models could talk?”

On the Tim-thru, Tim is pleased with the Hakama pant (not Yakima pant) look Kentaro is creating for Meisha.

Tim questions whether Shawn’s top & trousers will go together, but the model convinces him.

Tim thinks Ayana’s stars look like stickers.   Ce n’est pas bon!

Amy is trying to make an urban tuxedo.
Because tuxedo usually means the rural farmer?

Tim rips on Brandon’s model being hesitant.  “You need something new!”   Ha!

Claire is making an oversized sweatshirt.   She wants to have wording (branding?) on the side like Adidas or Nike.   Tim nixes that idea quickly.

Batani’s model wants to show some midriff.
Wait just a minute ... did Batani slip Tim
some money so she could be middle safe?
Don't think we don't notice those things, Tim.

Michael isn’t sure which way to go with his color selection.   Tim steers him in the right direction.

Samantha’s model wants to be a hipster bartender?  It really just looks like Samantha’s typical Lolita look.

Tim is concerned that Kenya is overly committed to the green bean green fabric.   Tim calls it clothes, not fashion.  Yeeouch!

Kenya interviews again about the twins doing each other’s work.

Brandon gets to phone home.   Don’t worry, it’s out of the blue, it’s a fake edit (he’ll be neither top nor bottom this week.)

Kentaro gets a lint roller edit.   Yeah, this is the first I’ve seen of it where it squeaks like a dog’s chew toy.

Oh, let’s just cut to the chase.  Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina are Georgina Chapman (no mention of PR All Stars,) and Kelsea Ballerini.

"Georgina, 2011 called, they want the
grown out died hair look back."

Kentaro Kameyama

Claire Buitendorp

Ayana Ife

Michael Brambila

Brandon Kee

Shawn Buitendorp

Margarita Alvarez


Amy Bond

Samantha Rei

Kenya Freeman

Heidi calls out Shawn, Margarita, Kentaro, Samantha, Claire and Kenya as the top and bottom placers.  The rest are kicked off the set.

Claire's work has become a big black blob. Nina wants more color.  Heidi complains that the butt cheeks were showing.

Oh, but her girls out & about are quite alright.  Gotcha.

Shawn went with navy & black because both she and her model were wearing navy & black the other day.   Zac sees a day to night moment.  Heidi praises the photo.  Nina finds it feminine and pretty.   She and Kelsea love the back.   Heidi thinks this is Shawn’s best work thus far.

“You mean MY work.”

The judges all rave about Kenya’s work.  Heidi doesn’t like the print, whereas all the others seem to like it.   Nina says it has that “Je ne said quoi.”  Geez, I thought she was paid well enough to know what it is it had that she liked.

Heidi pulls a Blake on Kentaro, asking him whether he is on the top or the bottom.  Heidi thinks his model was the coolest on the runway.  Georgina sees both masculine and feminine and is over the moon.  Nina calls it haphazard in a good way.

The judges rip on Samantha for being costume-y and dated.   She explains her Lolita niche, and, well, there ya go, wasn’t that 1990s?  Nina says the same thing she said last time:     Samantha’s outfit is much more interesting than what she made.  (And she made both.)

Margarita explains how hard it was to listen to her client and ignore her own ideas.


Georgina states there is nothing of Margarita in the outfit.  Heidi thinks it is a cheesy dancer costume.

During the Zac-Closer-Inspection moments, Tim tells on the twins, that Claire did much of Shawn’s construction, at the risk of her own work.     Oh, and Zac shows that Kentaro created the pants equivalent of the dickie.  Oh, and Nina wouldn’t be impressed if Samantha’s model did cartwheels and walked on her hands on the runway.  Or something.

Kentaro is the winner!

Kenya & Shawn are also in.

Claire is in?  But, but that means
bottom two are Margarita and Samantha.

“You've GOT to be kidding me!”

Margarita is in.   Wow, that means Samantha is gone.    Both Zac and Nina were tired of her being one note.

This was tough.   Good on you, Samantha, for being professional.

I wanted Claire to go.  However, I saw precedence for Margarita being the one to go.

“Leave me alone!”

Tune in next week for more twin drama, and yet, neither of them will be eliminated.

Oh, and Margarita becomes a mime.